There has been a recent expansion of battery development industries with enhanced usage of lithium-ion batteries in almost all portable electrical and electronic devices. Envisys has developed testing solutions for each of the batteries with the ET-series battery test chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India.

Applicability can be testing a lithium-ion battery to employ in electronic devices or the medium-sized battery module. The battery test chambers test various battery cells and also lithium-ion battery packs for your needs.

Envisys manufactures the best Environmental test chambers in Russia, UK, USA & India to effectively determine product safety, performance, and longevity of products under different environmental conditions.

So, apart from the functionality of the battery test chambers, there is more to its technicality to these chambers. Here is a brief on different types of battery test categories and their uses in various industries.

Types of Battery Testing Categories

Battery testing is indeed a crucial aspect to maintain high-performance of various industrial as well as modular systems. Envisys provides battery test chambers for most essential industrial categories, including environmental, mechanical, electrical, and chemical types. Here are some of the different chambers which assist in battery testing applicability.

  • Environmental

Battery testing with the results from humidity, altitude, dust, thermal shock, corrosion, sun radiation chambers can also point to the effectiveness of a battery. Additionally, thermal cycling is one of the most effective ways to test the tolerance of the batter against harsh thermal conditions.

  • Mechanical

Measuring the capacity of a battery against impact, crush, immersion, rollover, vibration, nail penetration, mechanical shock and drop, is best realized by mechanical test chambers.

  • Electrical

Indeed, measuring the tolerance against external and internal short circuits and overcharge and forced discharge aspects is essential for testing the batteries.

  • Chemical

Emission and flammability aspects for the materials for batteries help manufacturers to produce safe products for commercial usage.

Undoubtedly, the battery test chambers act as an enclosure, mimicking the effects of environmental conditions. So, it becomes essential to figure out the tolerance and capacity of batteries to withstand harsh conditions before progressing for large-scale production.

Importance of Battery Testing

Yes, it is where you need to understand the uses of battery testing. Proactive battery testing is crucial to maintain facilities from the large-scale inconvenience and tremendous expense of power outages.

Reports say that 65% of UPS failures are battery-related. Indeed, it’s where effective battery testing finds greater usefulness in the practical world!

Thus, battery testing is crucial for facilities and businesses that partner with installing high-power electrical and electronic devices or fulfilling different engineering needs. In addition, the industries that manufacture battery-based furnishings also need regular testing to maintain reliability in their products. Here are some more uses of battery testing:

  • Safe testing of batteries against environmental conditions helps electronics manufacturers to get functional results for commercial production.
  • It checks all safety options for customer usage. Also, these chambers help to get reliable results about ignitions and harmful explosion levels, testing batteries with the best battery test chambers for enhanced user safety.
  • The test chambers provide high-performance industrial-grade results for commercial production and installation of large batteries.

Industries Which Rely on Battery Test Chambers

  • Electricals and Electronics industry

High-performance service for electronic products requires advanced test requirements for batteries. One of the major industries that rely on accurate results from battery testing is the electrical and electronics industry. Envisys offer quality battery testing to ensure high performance from the batteries used in large-scale commercial batteries for safe use.

  • Automotive industries

Whether it is a garage or any automotive workshop, batteries are bound to be the driving element for all vehicles. It is thus essential to know the safety aspects of battery installation for maximizing battery performance. Additionally, the battery test chambers also help to figure out the electrical output for secure usage.

Why Should You Buy Battery Test Chambers from Envisys?

The manufacturing units and businesses requiring battery installations can rely on the standard battery testing chambers and models from Envisys. With easy setup and assistance of 18/7 technical support, Envisys provides reliable battery testing options with the best environmental chambers. It is manufactured to meet the changing needs of battery testing requisites by keeping all safety guidelines intact. In addition, we check and ensure safer environments to eliminate the chances of any harmful ignitions or explosions while testing the batteries. Further, the ET-Touch Controller is custom designed to work in alignment with Envisys environmental chambers. It allows users to get a high-performance industrial-grade color touchscreen for an enhanced user experience. You can view the chamber parameters clearly and so provide the highest level of safety and performance.

Our Serving Locations

Envisys is the leader in ingenious design for manufacturing quality test chambers with world-class manufacturing of environmental test chambers. We provide custom environmental testing solutions for automotive, electronics, defense, aerospace, and other industrial needs. With various ranges of environmental test chambers, Envisys provides the best battery testing chamber in Russia, UK. USA & India. Additionally, we also operate from Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.


Besides being the top testing service provider, Envisys also provides custom-built testing chambers for various business uses. We help you rely on quality environmental testing services as per your needs at the most competitive pricing. Get your products to have the best build quality with our test chambers now!


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