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Industrial Chiller

Water & Air Cooled Industrial Water Chillers Chamber

An industrial water chiller is used for the controlled cooling of products, mechanisms, and factory machinery in a wide range of industries. Air cooled water chiller is used to circulate chilled liquids through devices that process water. Water cooled chiller is commonly used to cool items and machinery in a variety of applications such as injection molding, food and beverage, tool and die-cutting, lasers, chemicals, machine tools, semiconductors, and more.

Envisys, one of the top-notch industrial chiller manufacturers and suppliers in India, offers air cooled water chiller variants with a wide range of capacities to serve clients’ needs despite their varying circumstances. Our water cooled chiller is suited for a variety of industrial applications and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and continuous duty applications. The industrial water chiller is built with world-class compressors and is ideal for process chilling applications.

Industrail Chillers
All internal plumbing with in the chiller package connecting circulation pump and water tank with suitable valves and fittings are of corrosion free material cpvc with by pass valve etc..

We offer industrial water chiller goods as well as other related items as one of India's leading water chiller manufacturers. Pharmaceutical, chemical, and commercial industries employ industrial water chiller equipment from Envisys, one of the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers.

Industrial water chiller products from Envisys, one of the best water chiller manufacturers, are designed to be customized and to keep energy and operational costs low. Envisys has established itself as a prominent provider of industrial chiller manufacturers both nationally and, and our air cooled water chiller products are extensively demanded by different industries due to their high-grade quality and impeccable finish. The offered water cooled chiller products are custom-made for use in different industrial applications and as per clients’ specifications and requirements.

Our industrial water chiller devices are manufactured by our highly talented workforce using premium quality components and advanced technology in adherence with the predefined industry norms and standards. This ensures the sturdiness, longevity, and corrosion resistance of the water-cooled chiller product. Our air cooled water chiller chambers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of our customers.

We deliver these industrial water chiller chambers to our customers at a cost-effective price as one of the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers.

Air cooled chiller devices collect heat from the process water and transmit it to the air surrounding the chiller. This sort of industrial water chiller is typically employed in applications where the extra heat it emits isn't a concern. In fact, it's frequently practicable to use the excess heat to warm a plant over the winter, which saves money.

Water cooled chiller products from Envisys, one of the top industrial water chiller manufacturers, are suitable for a wide range of industries. Water-cooled chillers as well as water-cooled chiller systems absorb the heat from process water and transmit it to a cooler tower, river, or pond. Envisys, one of the prominent industrial chiller manufacturers, Water-cooled liquid chillers are commonly utilized in large-capacity applications where the heat generated by air-cooled chillers becomes a concern. When a cooling tower is already in place or the customer demands maximum power efficiency, water-to-water chillers are also explored.

We are India's biggest water chiller manufacturers, with years of experience selling industrial water chillers.Envisys is a trustworthy source for crucial but frequently ignored process components, Industrial water chillers reduce water utilize and maintain consistent water temps, resulting in significant process improvement and a quick ROI

Our industrial water chiller devices are constructed using high-quality components and cutting-edge technology in compliance with industry standards. For the chillers we provide, our customers can select from a number of specifications and sizes. Furthermore, being one of the top water chiller manufacturers, we offer these chillers at competitive prices to our customers.

We provide our clients with high-quality industrial water chiller devices that create a consistent temperature environment for the chilling process, thanks to the assistance of our skilled personnel. As one of the prominent industrial water chiller manufacturers, our chillers are constructed with high-quality components and cutting-edge technology in accordance with industry standards. These chillers have received a lot of positive feedback from customers because of their different quality controls. These industrial water chiller products are put to the test by our quality specialists on a variety of quality criteria.

Envisys is considered one of the leading industrial water chiller manufacturers We've worked on a wide range of cooling projects with varying requirements, capacities, and fluid temperatures. We remain committed to providing qualified and professional people to support our installed goods and projects. With years of experience in research, development, and production of water chillers, Envisys helps to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing time.

Standard Models

  • 5TR (1 circuit)
  • 7.5TR (1 circuit)
  • 10TR (1 circuit)
  • 10TR (2 circuit)
  • 15TR (1 circuit)
  • 15TR (2 circuit)
  • 20TR (1 circuit)
  • 20TR (2 circuit)
  • 30TR (2 circuit)
  • 40TR (2 circuit)
  • 50TR (2 circuit)



Varieties of

Laboratory Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chiller

Industrial Chillers

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