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Full-front opening door with user-access front control desk, view-window and lock. Unobstructed clear work-space with port-holes and shelves for placement of DUT.!
Highly efficient mechanical refrigeration section with easy maintenance access frames built on single copper pipelining and on-demand technology for leak-prevention and power-saving features.
Rear access doors for easy maintenance consisting of fan motors, electrical panel etc., with all safety features for safe and continuous operation of the test chamber.
Pneumatically guided tapered door lid opening and closing with auto air-purge interlock. Easily accessible work-space with fine-fog simulation atomizer and specimen racks/rods
Pneumatically guided tapered door lid opening and closing with auto air-purge interlock. Easily accessible work-space with fine-fog simulation atomizer and specimen racks/rods
Non-metallic transparent acrylic saturated tower for producing the required saturated air
Independent control panel case and brine solution reservoir for easy use and maintenance

ET-Series Environmental Test Chambers

Environmental Test Chambers

ET Series Environmental Test Chambers offering the best of unique & uncompromised features at competitive prices. Ideal for choosing your best suit for variable product sizes from the available range of standard sizes.

EBS/ECS SERIES Salt Spray Chambers

Salt Spray Chambers

EBS/ECS Series Salt Spray (Basic and Cyclic)Chambers are available in different versions/optional combinations to meet the variety of application needs in compliance with various international standards like ASTM, DIN, GM, JIS, MIL etc.

EDC SERIES Dust Chambers

Dust Chambers

EDC Series Dust Chambers are designed to simulate most aggressive dust filled environments as per various international standards to meet dust test applications of electronics,automotive and other components.

ER-Series Rain Chamber

Rain Chamber

ER Series Rain Chambers are manufactured by Envisys Technologies for component level as well as end product testing to meet various rain/water spray ingress protection and other international standards.

ETS SERIES Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers

ETS-Series air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid Thermal Shock Chambers from Envisys are available in different volumes to suit the varied testing needs.

EA SERIES Altitude Chambers

Altitude Chambers

EA-Series Altitude Chambers are manufactured by Envisys as CATH Chamber ie., Combined Altitude Temperature and Humidity Chambers to simulate the actual conditions of aerospace testing.

ETV-Series Vibration Test Chambers

 Vibration Test Chambers

ETV-Series Environmental Chambers custom designed by Envisys with electro-dynamic vibration shaker interface provisions for vertical, horizontal and all axis vibrations fulfilling the combined environmental testing requirements as per standards.

EWS SERIES Walk-In Chambers

Walk-In Chambers

EWS series Walk-In Environmental Chambers designed with Mono-block/Pre-fabricated structures with custom-built features to meet testing needs of large-sized test specimens viz vehicles driving tests.

EO SERIES Industrial Dryer/Ovens

Industrial Dryer/Ovens

EO-Series Industrial Dryer/ Ovens from Envisys are designed for Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Food, Electronics and other industries. Available in standard and custom sizes/capacities. Ideal for drying, curing and ageing applications of various products at higher set point dry temperatures.

ETC-Series Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

ETC-Series Eco-Friendly chillers with compact design. Air-cooled water chillers designed for industrial application of various industries. Built to operate in stringent ambient conditions with continuous duty applications.

ESC SERIES Razor Blade Treatment Chambers

Razor Blade Treatment Chambers

ESC-Series Strip-Cooled Deep Freezer for Sub-Zero Treatment of Razor Blades. Deep Freezer for Razor Blades designed for sub-zero process of razor blades coming out of furnace. It works on conduction principle.

ETU SERIES Environmental Chamber for Universal Testing Machine

Environmental Chamber for UTM

ETU-Series Environmental Test Chambers for interfacing with Universal Testing Machines for environmental test simulations of freeze & elevated temperatures, humidity, salt fog etc.

ETF-Series Temperature Forcing System

Temperature Forcing System

ETF-SERIES Temperature Forcing System - A micro cooling unit designed to simulate the various working temperature conditions on the electronic chip boards available in single stage & cascade design.

ET SERIES PV-Modules & Solar Panels Testing

PV-Modules & Solar Panels Testing

Solar Panel / PV Module Test Chamber for Solar Panels and PV Modules testing to meet the test applications of Temperature Cycling, Damp Heat & Humidity Freeze Test as per Standards.

ETB SERIES Battery Testing Chambers

Battery Testing Chambers

ETB Series Environmental Test Chambers for Battery Testing by Envisys Technologies is designed for environmental testing of automotive battery packs, modular cells and lithium-ion batteries.

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