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Envisys is a big name when it comes to industrial chiller manufacturers in USA, UK & Russia. Yes, before manufacturing water chillers, the chiller manufacturers design various considerations for the industries, product structure, and cooling capacity.

The primary concern is the environmental changes to make functional optimizations when assembling the water chillers for a good design. The industrial chillers from Envisys provide the best chilling solutions for product companies with easy setup and 18/7 technical support.

This article highlights the recent trends for industrial water chiller in USA, UK & Russia. Plus, you will know about the features of these chillers, including the applicability of various industries. Lastly, we help you consider the multiple benefits while settling with Envisys to buy the best industrial chillers.

What are Industrial Chillers?

The ETC-Series air cooled industrial water chillers typically meet the requirements of large-scale industrial applications. Envisys are among the top industrial water chiller manufacturers in USA, UK & Russia.

The water chillers effectively circulate heat in the system. That means it transfers heat from one location to another, thus keeping the machine cool. It also enables the device to function correctly.

Envisys air cooled water chiller in USA, UK & Russia resolve one of the biggest problems of industries- excess heat generation!

Various types of water chillers

There are three major types of industrial water chillers available in the market. Let's explore with a closer look at all the three:

  • Water-cooled chillers
  • Air-cooled chillers
  • Evaporative-condensed chillers

Indeed, water-cooled chillers function better than air-cooled chillers; also, they have a quieter operation. As a result, these are perfect commercial as well as small-scale cooling.

Working of Industrial Chillers

The most common principle is to generate chilled water to cool down systems, like air conditioning in large-scale industries, with centralized cooling systems. To maintain the machine's temperature on the correct scale, Envisys supplies the best–designed water-cooled chiller in USA, UK & Russia.

Generally, the best location to place the chillers are on the roof or the basement of the industries. Typically, the chillers used in the cellar are water-cooled, and in the basement, these are air-cooled.

These industrial chillers include different microprocessor controls and consist of pumps to improve overall performance.

Indeed, there is a wide range of applicability for water chillers in today's industrial world. Here are some of the significant uses as listed below.

Where are these water chillers used?

Application may vary as per different fields. From its application in high-welding machines to power generators, industrial chambers are indispensable.

In most cases, industries prefer pumping distilled water to avoid blockage in the circulating system, thus maintaining the appropriate temperature.

Plus, power generators generate a lot of heat, and industries use them for long operational hours. In such cases, installing the best-designed, reliable chillers helps. Apart from these, chillers also find massive applicability in the food and beverages industry.

Yes, industrial chillers provide a cooling solution for different scenarios!

The pharmaceutical industries extensively use industrial chillers as they have to maintain a stable temperature. It is essential to operate different medical equipment. In addition, the chillers best assist the laser cutting factories using induction and furnace heating. Thus, Envisys industrial water chiller in USA, UK, & Russia are the best option!

Some other scenarios where water cooling is a necessity are:

  • Large nuclear power plants
  • Pressurized injection molding and die-casting
  • Hydraulic chambers
  • HVAC (air conditioning systems) and ventilation and heating devices

Why are Envisys industrial chambers different from other manufacturers?

The Envisys industrial chambersare well-built to operate effectively in harsh ambient conditions. The chillers from Envisys,

  • Provides consistent outlet water temperature
  • Are best-designed to operate in harsh conditions
  • Provides accurate measurement and control system
  • It consists of a high-efficiency refrigeration compressor.

Apart from these, you get reliable features, including eco-friendly refrigerant Hermetic Scroll, BPHE for effective evaporation, the latest pressure gauges, and more!

Our Serving Locations

Envisys is one of the most reliable and quality industrial chiller manufacturers in USA, UK & Russia. In addition to these functional locations, we also serve in significant parts of South-East Asia, including Singapore.


Indeed, as one of the most trusted manufacturers of industrial chambers in USA, UK & Russia, Envisys maintains quality in all its products. You can also check out the array of industrial laboratory chambers for ultimate cooling capacity. With a wide range of applications dependent on cooling functionality, industrial chillers are necessary for every industry.


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