Owing to the broad range of industrial products that require testing, the IP Test Chamber can be the perfect go-to solution for you. Before your product is out in the market, it should undergo product safety testing, vibration testing and account for solid electromagnetic compatibility.

You may witness the significant hubs of electronic/electrical companies that use test chambers. They do it because it helps in testing the waterproofness of electronic and electrical products. These IP chambers help you determine the product's susceptibility to sand or dust and water ingress. Almost all mobile manufacturing companies require the test chambers to obtain a certified IP rating.

Is an IP rating critical?

Yes, a manufacturer would desire an IP rating to confidently make a product's claims for the level of protection provided by their products. Indeed, to do that, their products should be checked by a certified and independent company. What it does is what the manufacturer anticipates- legitimizes and offers legit assurance to the customers.

The IP rating is sometimes also referred to as ignorance pass and is essential to make your product credibly legit in the market.

Envisys is one of the best-known professional Environment Test Chamber suppliers and manufacturers. From manufacturing Liquid ingress protection test chambers to industrial rain test chambers, we hold expertise for supplying premium quality test chambers. Here is a small guide to know about industrial chambers for a complete testing solution.

Easy-setup IP chambers for your products

Envisys offers you an ER-Series industrial Rain Test Chamber perfectly designed to meet various IP Tests viz, IP Test (X4K, X6K & X9K) and P Test (X1 to X8) with different configurations. Being built entirely to compliment the International set-standards, we build rain chambers for room-level testing, component-level testing, and field testing for large-sized, heavy-duty products.

The IP test chamber for mobile phones tests a product's quality and ability of the device to sustain different environmental and physical conditions. Mobile phones require ingress testing to obtain an IP rating. For instance, the IP rating for Samsung devices in the model Galaxy S20 is 68, which means you may see it as IP68. Yes, you can use these devices for your next adventurous trip!

Are You Looking for Varieties of Rain Test chambers? List down its uses!

Envisys offers two varieties of rain chambers.

The variety I come with-well-integrated pre-set programmable timer with a Single set-point microprocessor-based PID controller. It also features a digital RPM indicator. These are perfectly Equipped with sensors for RPM reading.

Variety II offers an entire touchscreen-based, well-built user-programmable console. It can monitor and control significant rain test parameters, including flow rate, pressure, and set duration.

Rain tests are an essential checkpoint for electronic parts and components, including automobile testing. It evaluates any physical deterioration of a material/product caused by rain, dripping, or water spray.

Does your product come under the list that requires protection against ingress testing? Find out here!

The products which are specified by well-known engineering standards like CSA and UL standards must have an IP rating. The products, including certain medical devices, laboratory equipment, light fixtures, and computers, require protection against ingress.

Moreover, items that will be used in hazardous regions or which are sealed and expected to remain water-resistant and dust-free require an IP rating. Other products which require protection against ingress include mobile phones, electric motors, and wristwatches.

Indeed, different electronics and electrical products require an extra level of protection against ingress. Some typical products include components in the military application and automotive requirements. Another aspect deals with hardware products. For instance, hardware stores might demand LEDs that come with a suitable IP rating against ingress from moisture.

Buy Best IP Test Chambers from Envisys. Get 18/7 Technical Support!

We provide an extensive range of Test Chambers available. Along with that, Envisys delivers a spectrum of services, including repair services, refurbishments, and maintenance contracts.

Here is the list of IP and other Environmental Test chambers available.

Rain Chambers Dust chambers Environment test chambers Temperature Forcing System Thermal Shock Chambers Vibration chambers Battery testing chambers, and many more!

Check out our products to meet all kinds of testing requirements.

Uses of IP chambers in different industries, including mobile companies!

These chambers are extensively used as environmental simulation products. In the automotive domain, the rain tests are suitable for signal devices and different external lighting. The chambers are perfect for testing voltage cabinets, parts and components, and light equipment for electronics. Before the products reach the market, they should be certified with a suitable IP rating.

Envisys offers an extensive range of Test Chambers for mobile companies. It is perfect for ingress protection tests for IPX1 to IPX6 for water jet nozzle high-pressure spray tests, drip, and oscillating tube nozzles testing for mobile devices.

In a Nutshell

We cannot underestimate the essentiality of a sound rain test chamber for any electronics manufacturing company, including mobile phone manufacturers. At Envisys, our products provide the best IP chambers for ingress protection testing with easy setup and 18/7 technical support!

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