New age Industrial Oven: Different types, its functions and manufacturers in India

Industrial Oven An Industrial oven is a chamber manufactured for industrial application of drying. The process of drying inside a heated chamber at a high temperature requires this type of oven. The Industrial ovens are sometimes known as Industrial Dryers.

Predominant Industries using Industrial Oven Industrial Heating Ovens are widely in use in many industries. Here is a list of handpicked industries that uses them.

● Electronics & Telecommunications ● Automotive ● Defence & Aerospace ● Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals ● Food

Different types of Industrial Ovens The major classifications of Industrial Ovens are Walk-in Oven, Temperature oven, Vacuum oven, Hot-Air Oven, Ageing Oven, Curing Oven, Drying Oven and custom-built oven.

How do Walk-in Oven functions? The Walk-in Oven functions by batch-wise inserting of the materials that require to undergo drying or curing at the same temperature. Using carts, trays or racks, inserting the materials into the walk-in oven is possible. Uses both the automatic and manual methods for operating. How do Temperature Oven function? The Temperature Oven functions similarly to that of the walk-in oven with additional features including different operating temperatures like 100°C, 200°C and 300°C. These Industrial Temperature Ovens come in a chamber which can function well in high and low temperatures for various purposes. How do Vacuum Oven Function? As the name suggests these Industrial Vacuum Oven functions in zero vacuum condition. The Industries where the materials need drying or annealing at no vacuum condition, the Vacuum Ovens are applicable. Working Principle ● These ovens usually get heat for heating from sources such as heaters, hot water, steam etc., ● However, these Industrial Ovens are inexpensive. ● They don't result in pollution.

Industrial Oven Manufacturers in India There are several manufacturers of Industrial Ovens. Envisys is one of the leading Industrial Ovens manufacturers in India. The 40 years of cumulative experience of Envisys founders in design, manufacture, marketing and service of Industrial Chambers, Envisys offers high-quality products at competitive prices with ingenious design and strategy at a pocket-friendly cost.

Functionalities of Industrial Dryers In case you are looking for a standard conventional drying application using simple rack/ shelf or trolley type industrial drying oven, Envisys provides all types of drying solutions with their custom-configured design. Starting from the standard models ETD12 -150 to ETD192 -150 you can choose the oven you want. The triple wall in construction allows the close loop circulation solving the purpose of uniform air-circulation. Given any test specimen, the high-temperature accuracy of Industrial ovens from Envisys, provide reliable test results. The Controller is usually made either as a Single Set Point PID Controller / Programmable Controller. There is a provision of an External timer for cut off of operation, incase if you wish to pause the operation for some time. Additionally, these Industrial Dryers come with solid-state control relays for heating power control. Etc and optionally one can opt the Blind High-temperature safety cut-off within the unit. Although, these dryers are designed specifically for Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Food etc., but can also be applicable to other industries.


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