Thermal Shock Chamber

Detect product flaws before it reaches your user.

What are thermal shock chambers?

Thermal shock chambers test a product in extremes of high and low temperatures to examine changes in the product’s characteristics and failure caused by varying materials and thermal expansion. Envisys' standard volumes are 50,100,150,300,600,900Liters with a temperature range of -40 / -70°C to 200°C +/- 1°C. These horizontal or vertical models consist of cold and hot zones with product carriers.

Let’s look at the uncompromised features of these environmental test chambers at no add-on costs.

Thermal shock chambers features

Envisys ETS-Series air-to-air and liquid-to-liquid Thermal Shock Chambers are custom-made to suit different testing requirements. A specimen tested between cold and hot zones uses electro-pneumatic / motorized basket movement in the controller.

Here are a few key features:

● Mono-Block construction with maintenance sections and user-friendly control desk

● Conduct a variety of testing applications on various testing specimens

● LED illuminated work-space with multi-pane vacuumed glass view window for the hot zone

● High-grade SS interiors & CRCS powder-coated outer panels with long-lasting SS basket with tray slots

● Silicone rubber double-layered sealing and die-casted aluminum locks and hinges

● Air-free vertical basket changeover using an electro-pneumatic mechanism

● Secure door handle/ HMI mount-front access operating monitor

Two of the environmental test chamber configurations include:

Vertical- A vertical orientation Thermal Shock Chambers has hot and cold zones; one atop the other. The advantage of the Vertical Orientation chamber is it uses less floor space, making it ideal for compact lab spaces.

Horizontal- A horizontal orientation Thermal Shock Chambers has three side-by-side independent zones: hot, ambient, and cold. This versatile chamber can also be used for two-zone tests.

How Thermal Shock Chambers improves your service?

● Swift response to enquiries

If you have a specific technical enquiry from a customer who wants to know if it will meet a specific number of cycles, or a specific range, then you can run it through it.

● Develop better products

The development process is very tactile, and seeing it with your own eyes makes it easier to understand what’s going on. You will be in the know-how of how the coatings perform under certain conditions.

● Improve testing standards

Industry testing methods are carried out separately and independently from one another. Thus, using thermal shock chambers gives you an artificial sense of confidence. You can confidently evaluate moisture and insulation resistance tests, thermal ageing tests – the list goes on.

Envisys- the leading thermal shock chambers manufacturers

Envisys has made a strong foothold as one of the best thermal shock chambers manufacturers in India, the UK, the USA, and Russia. Our Environmental Testing Chambers provides customers with quality test systems and advanced manufacturing techniques. Envisys offers a variety of standard and custom-designed chambers to meet your exact specifications.

Learn more about our thermal shock chambers, environmental test chambers, or simply contact us here with your requirements.


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