Envisys manufactures and supplies the best Vibration test chambers in Russia, UK, USA & India.

Our vibration chamber offers a wide variety of solutions for testing specimens with the right combination of tests. These include testing against temperature variations, vibration, and also climatic variations.

Manufacturing the best Vibration shaker chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India, we cater to diversifying customers' specific requirements to meet various international standards.

This blog highlights the uses of vibration test chambers in the manufacturing industry and speaks about its recent trends. So, let's start with the types of vibration testing.

Types of Vibration Testing

Providing the best Vibration Testing Chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India, Envisys provides quality environmental chambers for stress screening and quality control. In vibration testing, you can test products in their designing stages for better quality control.

In the general context, there are two types of vibration testing:

  • Vibration experiment

It is a type of vibration testing that tests a sample or representative model of volume production to improve product design.

  • Vibration test screening

It incorporates testing of the production products to eliminate faulty units effectively. Vibration test screening is sometimes mandatory for most industries.

Apart from that, vibration testing also has other aspects. Indeed, our Vibration testing equipment in Russia, UK, USA & India caters to different testing needs for the customers. Here are its types:

  • Sine wave vibration testing

It also includes fixed-frequency vibration testing. In this type of testing, we apply specified constant vibration acceleration, frequency, and amplitude.

Indeed, another one in the category is sweep vibration testing in which upper and lower vibration frequencies are set. The frequency sweeps at a fixed rate of variation.

The third kind is resonance testing. It works just as the sweep vibration testing, but with a lower rate of frequency change and smaller acceleration.

  • Random vibration testing

Envisys manufactures the most reliable Vibration Shaker System in Russia, UK, USA & India. And thus, testing products with multiple vibration sets are now more accessible!

The general random vibration testing conditions generally involve the sequential application of vibrations in three directions- forward/backward, up/down, right/left.

What are the uses of vibration test chambers?

With the best quality vibration testing equipment in Russia, UK, USA & India, you can choose various benefits to test multiple products against harsh environmental conditions. In addition, you can select a combination of different tests, including temperature variations, change in frequency vibrations, and climatic variations.

Our well-designed Electrodynamic shaker in Russia, UK, USA & India from Envisys caters to various utilities for different product manufacturers. Aerospace and automotive components are the following main categories after electrical and electronic devices for testing before commercial production.

Envisys manufactures best designed Our cold test chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India which are modular and thus offer a faster way to test your products. You get integrated tests or hot and cold conditions for a range of commercial products. Here are the benefits you get.

  • High adaptability for any shaker
  • Availability of different types of floors for effective adapting of horizontal and vertical horizons
  • Inclusion of remote control and remote support

Industries that rely on vibration test chambers

The Vibration Climatic Test Chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India facilitates quality vibration testing for various industries, including automotive, electrical, electronics, and manufacturing sectors.

Real-world applications

Automotive testing effectively uses waveform replication and sine-on-random techniques to complete, recreate and analyze the vibrations in the operating environment. It is mandatory for design verification and quality control.

  • Instrument panels for the automotive industry

The commercial manufacturers test entire instrumental panel assemblies for the appropriate identification of rattles and squeaks. Indeed it helps them satisfy new car owners to avoid high warranty costs.

  • Rearview mirrors for the automobile industry

Indeed, rearview mirror assemblies provide stability and safety while the vehicle is in driving condition. And vibration testing is essential to determine and simulate road vibrations. It also helps identify the various modal frequencies of mirror assembly vibrations.

  • Crash sensors- Electronic components and devices

Envisys manufactures the best shock test machine in Russia, UK, USA & India. The electronic and electrical industries mainly use these to evaluate the effect of vibrations by specified frequency range.

Testing the product's effectiveness, capacity, and stability against different environmental conditions helps them identify the product's feasibility for commercial electronics parts and device manufacturers.

Why choose Envisys for vibration test chambers?

Envisys provides a quality vibration interface for the complete testing of your products. Our environmental testing chambers come with a vibration shaker interface with an easy setup. Additionally, you get 18/7 technical support.

Providing the best Vibration test chambers in Russia, UK, USA & India, our vibration test assembly with environmental test chambers is well-designed to meet international standards. The combined section consists of HMI/PC PLC-based Control System, Environmental Test Chamber, Vibration Shaker Interface Provision, and more!

Plus, our products are made of high-density low and conduction mineral wool insulation to avoid thermal losses considerably.

Locations in which we serve

Apart from supplying the best quality Vibration Testing Chamber in Russia, UK, USA & India, Envisys is also operating in Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.


Choosing our available vibration test chambers for the high-quality manufacturing of commercial products is essential. However, just as your product's construction aspects are critical, so is the importance of the test chamber's design and construction!

Envisys manufactures environmental test chambers to the highest standards to meet standards in construction and design. So, evaluate your product's feasibility with the best vibration test chambers from Envisys now!

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