Can your product endure all climatic conditions such as vibrations, humidity, solar radiation, and climate changes?

The simple answer is to use environmental test chambers to discover errors like environmental stresses and mechanical stresses. Thus, the walk-in and drive in climatic test chambers are often the first choices when there is limited access to the assembly location, or when the costing factor is to be considered.

About walk-in and drive-in climatic test chambers

The walk-in chamber and drive-in chamber works as a test site for assembling large components, and completed products. Both of the chambers can be suitably configured as a temperature chamber or a temperature-humidity chamber. The environmental test chambers can conduct full vehicle testing, solar panels, automotive components, electronic components, packaging, industrial applications and more. These specimens are loaded from the ground into the chamber using pallet trucks or ramps or trolleys.

Features of the walk-in and drive-in climatic test chambers

Walk-in and drive-in test chambers are ideally used to test or store products that require a big chamber. Single-block walk-in chambers generally maximize work-space volumes, while the drive-in climatic test chambers are designed to simulate environmental conditions.

Here, we will further explore the many features of such climatic test chambers.

● Flexibility for testing larger volumes at a cost-effective price.

● Can be configured for any size using prefabricated panels.

● Available in a variety of temperature ranges.

● Standard conditioning system to control the chamber environment.

● Ideal for full vehicle testing, as well as two-wheelers and aeroplanes.

● Drive-in chambers can effectively test noise, squeaks, shocks, rattles, climatic condition, vibration, and suspension systems.

● Flexible configuration along with user-friendly features.

● Integrated/remote refrigeration compartments and control panel.

Purpose of the walk-in and drive-in climatic test chambers

EWS-Series walk-in climatic test chambers are designed for various forms of environmental testing applications. As the leading climatic test chambers manufacturers in Bangalore, we’ve designed the chambers with a colour touch control panel mounted on the door, and a 3-point locking system and door handle.

The purpose of our walk-in and drive-in test chambers are to deliver the following goals:

● Precision in the testing of environmental conditions on industrial products, machinery, components, biological products, test specimens and more.

● Designed to simulate environmental conditions like temperature, relative humidity, rain, dust etc.

● Climate chamber environment controlled rooms can be integrated into your building automation system.

● They come in sizes of 10K, 12K, 14K,16K,18 and 22K litres volumes to mimic temperature ranging from -35 deg C/-65 deg C to 90/180 deg C, depending on the design construction with humidity ranging from 10% to 95%.

Make your need for large test space into a reality with Envisys-Top climatic chambers suppliers in Bangalore

Envisys is a leader in designing climatic test chambers in Bangalore, and our portfolio ranges from a variety of custom-built applications. Besides testing temperature and humidity, we also built environmental test chambers to check climatic conditions like storage testing, altitude, solar radiation, vibration integration etc.


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