Walk in Environmental Test Chambers: The features and benefits you need to know

Environment test chambers are usually built to meet the requirements of diverse industries. Environmental chambers manufacturer, Envisys provide test chambers specifically designed without compromising on features. Irrespective to the size of the chamber, the design and construction of the chamber must meet the requirements. Accurate measurement in specific conditions should be possible with these Environmental Chambers. With an increase in the size of the walk-in temperature chambers and the drive-in chambers, it becomes important to assure the chamber works fine on all environmental conditions without any disturbance.

Standard specifications & their benefits ● Block Construction of the Walk-in Test Chambers These Environmental test chambers constructed in blocks should be capable of operating in all temperature ranges, relative humid conditions and suitable to all simulations. Benefits These chambers operate in various temperature and climatic conditions. ● Control-Desk of the walk-in Chambers The control desks of these test chambers must be user-friendly. It should be able to render direct real-time capture of data on running the chamber and automatically store the testing results on the controller available for future reference. Benefits Auto stores the test results for future references. ● Interiors & Work-space of the Chambers The walk-in test chamber comes with an LED-illuminate work chamber. Additionally, it provides a clear view through the multi-pane vacuum glass window. The exterior panels come with CRCS powder coat panel and optimum grade SS interiors. Benefits Gives a clear and accurate view and enables the user to read the results and monitor operation hassle-free. ● Safety & Security Features These walk-in climatic chambers usually provide three levels of security for multiple users based on access control. The heavy-duty die-cast aluminium locks ensure the safe operation of the testing chamber while performing tests under various temperature and humidity ranges. The HMI mount on the front access of the monitor enables easy access. Benefits These security and safety measures indicate the Chambers efficient and effective operation. For keeping up a high quality, environmental test chambers service is must at times. ● The Real-time Approach for testing The growing need for connected devices is further speeding the implementation of solutions to monitor and operate chambers in real-time. For this reason, Envisys Technologies has come up with the built-in web-server to monitor and operate any walk-in environmental chamber from a connected smartphone or a PC (Personal Computer). All this you can do from a remote location.

Benefits Increases the overall performance as it supports remote accessing. Saves more efforts, energy and money. ● Real-time Test result Storage The test results of any given specimen are stored and can be accessible to the users in the real-time from anywhere on a connected device. The walk-in chambers from Envisys come with a total programming capacity of up to 99 programs, 256 MB user memory and it can be scalable up to 2 GB using external data storage. Allows auto-tuning and enables communication via USB ports, Ethernet. Benefits The graphical program unit comes with an individual file and folder to allow storing of the test results at any given time.

The standard models of test chambers available from Envisys Technologies are 10K, 12K, 14K,16K,18K and 22K litres standard volume chambers, that operates at temperature range -40 / -70 °C to 180 °C +/-1°C and relative humidity 10% to 95% +/- 3%.

These Walk-in Environmental Chambers are named as walk-in humidity chamber, walk-in climatic chamber, walk-in thermal chamber, drive-in chamber, walk-in temperature chamber etc.,


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