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    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Mar 08, 2023

    A fogging test chamber is specially designed equipment by Envisys to perform fogging tests on headlamps of automobile industry. The chamber creates a controlled environment that simulates the conditions that can cause fogging, such as high temperature, high humidity, infra-red radiation and rain simulation. In real world both sides of lamp are exposed to different environmental conditions. For example head lamp of the car, one side will be exposed to heat of the engine and humidity of the climate and the other side (lens side) will be exposed to ambient temperature, humidity, sun radiation and rain.

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    Industry Outlook - Article on Envisys

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Mar 02, 2023

    Industry Outlook magazine in its March-2023 Special 3 issue published an article about the co-founders of Envisys Technologies Dr. Anil Kumar Kottani and Mahantesh Gowda Patel on how these veteran providers of Environmental Test Chambers have stepped up by manufacturing high-quality made-in-India products on par with any leading imported product/machinery at competitive prices.

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    UV Chamber

    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Feb 28, 2023

    UV light simulation is an important tool for testing the durability and UV resistance of various products. By using a UV light simulator and following the appropriate test procedure, it is possible to identify any potential issues with products before they are deployed in outdoor environments. Envisys designs and manufactures such UV simulation chambers suitable to the application of products which requires UV light simulation to test the durability and UV resistance of products.

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    Business Excellence - Certificate of Merit - ELCINA Awards 2021-22

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Sep 21, 2022

    Envisys Technologies secured Certificate of Merit under SME category Business Excellence Award during 47th ELCINA Awards - 2021-22 on 20th September 2022.

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    Vibration Shaker Interface Environmental Test Chamber

    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Mar 10, 2022

    Environmental Test Chamber with high temperature ramp rate with provision to integrate the electro dynamic shaker. This Environmental Test Chamber with Vibration Shaker interface is uniquely designed by providing acoustic enclosure for electro dynamic shaker for noise level control as per customer requirement in the system while operating the chamber with shaker.

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    Electric Insulator Testing Thermo-Mechanical Test Chamber

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Mar 09, 2022

    Electric Insulator Testing Thermo-Mechanical Test Chamber designed to simulate hot and cold temperature cycles with simultaneous application of tensile load depending up on the nature or variety of insulators subjected for environmental testing. The Electric Insulator Testing Thermo-mechanical test chamber is used for verification of endurance of line electric insulators in the outstretched conditions simulating the real-time operating conditions of changing environments like temperatures, cable loads and other external load forces.

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    Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber

    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Dec 10, 2021

    Desktop Environmental Test Chamber or Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber designed by Envisys Technologies for space constraint laboratories with smaller footprints capable of simulating temperature from -65 deg C to 180 deg C and RH from 10% to 95% with high-end top mounted desk color touch controller/programmer

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    Business Excellence Award to Envisys

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Oct 23, 2021

    A Certificate of Merit for Business Excellence in SME category has been awarded to Envisys Technologies Pvt Ltd in the 46th Edition of ELCINA Awards 2020-21 ceremony held at New Delhi on 22nd Oct 2021 by Secretary Ministry of Electronics & IT, GOI.

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    A Detailed Guide on Dust Chambers - Features and Benefits

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Sep 30, 2021

    The best dust test chamber manufacturer provides systems for a thorough examination of how dust impacts machines in extreme situations. Typically, all of the models ensure that the dust particles stay within the testing environment only.

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    Importance & Functions of Environmental Test Chambers in the USA

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Sep 29, 2021

    Have you ever wondered how electronic companies ensure temperature control for their device under various circumstances? How does a car manufacturer design its warranty? Or how your phone's battery does not catch fire when left under the sun?

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