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    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Aug 30, 2023

    Immersion Test Tank is designed and manufactured by Envisys Technologies to simulate ingress protection tests as per IPX7 & IPX8 specified in the IEC 60529 standard to test the effects on the device with continuous immersion in the water. Immersion test on electronic, automotive etc., components and products in these industries has become an important parameter of testing and qualification in the recent years to declare IP rating of respective products for water resistance.

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    INMR WORLD CONGRESS - NOV 12-15,2023

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Jul 18, 2023

    Meet us at INMR WORLD CONGRESS NOV 12-15, 2023 showcasing our thermal testing solutions to electrical industries with special focus on our Electric Insulator Testing Thermo-mechanical test chamber used for verification of endurance of line electric insulators in the outstretched conditions simulating the real-time operating conditions of changing environments like temperatures, cable loads and other external load forces

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    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Jul 17, 2023

    Thermal Shock Chamber with horizontal basket movement is designed and manufactured by Envisys Technologies using pneumatic guided basket movement carrying the specimen from cold to hot zone and vice versa with the help of wheels and guides for easy movement of the basket to transfer the specimen from one zone to another within few seconds as per international standards for thermal shock testing of electronics, automotive, defence, aerospace etc., components or products.

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    Large Sized Vibration Shaker Interface Environmental Test Chambers

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Jun 14, 2023

    The Large sized Vibration Interface Chambers combines a climatic testing with an ability to integrate seamlessly with a large-sized vibration shaker. This unique chamber allows researchers to study the effects of vibrations on larger sized objects and systems in a controlled environments. Due to its larger volume the bigger sized products in the actual sizes can be tested without a need for scaling down the products for the purpose of testing. This kind of specially designed vibration shaker interface environmental testing chambers finds its suitable applications in aerospace, automotive, electronics and various other industries leading to advancements in the reliability testing's of manufacturer's products.

  • Large Solar Simulation Chambers.jpg

    Solar/Sun Simulation Chambers - Large Sized

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Jun 07, 2023

    Solar simulation chambers are meticulously designed to accurately replicate temperature, climatic conditions (temperature with humidity), and global solar irradiation, both indoor and outdoor conditions. These chambers enable the replication of sunlight effects on various products and facilitate comprehensive testing of crucial parameters such as performance, insulation, noise, and resistance to physical and mechanical losses. By subjecting products to simulated sunlight exposures, it helps manufacturers evaluate the impact on material integrity, color fading, and overall product lifespan. The solar simulation chambers are available in different versions, including standard, energy-saving, and highspeed cooling, providing flexibility to meet diverse testing requirements. With sophisticated construction and high-quality workmanship, Envisys ensures exceptional temperature and humidity consistency, resulting in precise and reliable test results. With Envisys' specially designed solar simulation chambers, manufacturers can confidently evaluate the impact of sunlight exposure on their products. By leveraging Envisys' technical expertise, deep industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence, customers can benefit from tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

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    AM&M Conference - 31st May - 2nd June 2023

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Jun 03, 2023

    Envisys Technologies displayed its Mini-Environmental Chamber at International Conference on Automotive Materials and Manufacturing 2023 held at ARAI - Chakan Pune during 31st May - 2nd June 2023

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    Automotive Testing Expo INDIA - 2023

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Apr 20, 2023

    Display of Environmental Test Chamber for environmental testing of automotive battery packs, modular cells and lithium-ion batteries and Mini-Salt Spray Chamber at the Automotive Testing Expo - INDIA during 18-20th of April 2023

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    Inauguration of our new manufacturing unit at Peenya, Bengaluru INDIA

    Posted in NEWS & EVENTS on Apr 15, 2023

    Envisys Technologies inaugurated its state-of-the-art new manufacturing unit at Peenya, Bengaluru INDIA on 14th April 2023. Another milestone in the roadmap of its manufacturing excellence.

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    Salt Fog Chamber - Walk-in Type

    Posted in NEW VERSIONS OF STANDARD PRODUCTS on Apr 10, 2023

    Walk-in Salt spray chambers are specially designed for corrosion resistance testing of large sized materials and coatings by subjecting the test specimens to a highly corrosive environments, which accelerates the corrosion process. A walk-in corrosion test chamber is a large chamber that can accommodate test specimens and assemblies of varying sizes eg., entire car or entire machine. The chamber is specially designed to generate a highly corrosive environments of salt spray, which accelerates the corrosion process. The test specimens are placed inside the chamber and the fog environment is adjusted to the specific test requirements. The performance of the specimens is thereby evaluated for the signs of corrosion.

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    Sun Simulation / Solar Simulation Chambers

    Posted in NEW CUSTOM PRODUCTS on Mar 21, 2023

    Sun Simulation or solar simulation conditioning chambers from Envisys are specially designed to test and measure the various test samples that are subjected for harsh effects of sunlight by using suitable lamps as per various national / international standards as well as the various OEM and Automotive standards. The accelerated tests are conducted to measure the effect that occurs on the test samples when it is exposed to continues sun simulation. Test samples are tested under such circumstances of continues solar effects with temperatures. Special kind of lamps are used to simulate the solar effects on the samples.

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